Little-Known Methods To Find Homework Answers In Financial Math

Many students, if they know what the world was like before the Internet exploded somewhere around 1998, must think to themselves, “Thank God I was born after YouTube and Google!” Why? Because these, amongst other internet resources: free courses, free eBooks and textbooks online via book search engines that feature free scanned books, etc…

When it comes to financial math, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Realize that most teachers pull their questions from textbooks—often older textbooks which have problems before everything began being put into plagiarism detectors.
  2. You can check out textbooks, both old and new, that will have detailed problems and answers that you can use as models to solve similar problems in your assignments. university libraries often have textbooks like these that you can check out for free—you may even want to run off copies or scans, if you own a scanner/copier or all-in-one-printer, and keep the solutions/problems for future reference, after you’ve returned the book.

  3. Also—there are free books all over the internet
  4. Google Books has free textbooks scanned that you can read from home AND perform searches to find specific problems or kinds of problems, for example, accounting and financial word problems.

  5. Make search engines work for you.
  6. Often, as a teacher, I paste whole paragraphs into search engines. So you can literally cut and paste whole problems into the search box and hit enter. Perhaps that search engine will come up with a student asking someone to help him or her solve a problem and the question is answered and explained. Or perhaps it will pull up the worked out equation from a textbook’s teacher’s manual. Which brings me to . . .

  7. Older teacher’s manuals you can purchase at online bookstores, often with super-super low prices.
  8. In order to pull up older teacher’s manuals, pick specific years in the past. Why? Because textbook writers often only change a chapter title, change a paragraph in the introduction, or complete some minor change like this in order to sell a newer, more expensive edition. So, often bookstores only reveal the newest edition with a book search. Take note of what the most recent edition is and go back a couple of editions (say buy the third edition if the most recent one is the fifth edition).

  9. The wonder of YouTube!
  10. YouTube is a dream for math students because math whizzes love to show off their prowess at solving difficulty problems and passionate professors who have a giving nature often work out problems on video.