Who Can I Ask To Check My Calculus Homework?


Calculus is one of the key branches of mathematics that studies change and motion. This discipline focuses on variables and explores changes that occur with them. This is where you’ll learn about limits, derivatives, and integrals and find out how they function. Calculus doesn’t seem to be an easy subject. While everything is clear in class, you may face difficulties at home. If you doubt the correctness of your homework answers, turn to a reliable assistant who will check your solutions and point to possible mistakes in your worksheet.

People Who Can Help

  • Your classmates.
  • There should be true math geniuses in your class. Ask one of them to look through your calculus solutions and listen to their remarks. Make friends with one of these guys and you’ll get a trustworthy and intelligent homework helper for the rest of your studies.

  • Upperclassmen.
  • It’s great if you are on good terms with the students who have already taken the same course. Show them the task and your answer and ask to check. By the way, senior students should be keeping their notes from previous years and it may well be that they have completed the very same assignments before.

  • Your relatives.
  • Haven’t you even considered your family members? You’d better do! It may turn out that your father knows calculus really well and is eager to assist in your studies and check your homework.

  • Online experts.
  • Post your calculus assignment and its solution on any math help forum and ask to check it. It is a really helpful resource where true experts and just volunteers assist students in various tasks. You may also benefit from an ordinary student forum or any question and answer website. You’ll be surprised how many math experts are over there waiting for your post.

Other Options

You shouldn’t necessarily ask for help if there are other options. Have you ever considered the following choices?

  • Look into the answer key.
  • If your teacher keeps assigning homework from your school textbook, just check if it has an appendix with correct answers. You won’t be provided with step-by-step solutions this way but you can check if you were right or wrong in your attempts.

  • Make use of online apps.
  • There are lots of free online solvers and applications on the Web. Just find a calculus app and use it to your advantage. All you need to do is enter the values from your assignment in corresponding boxes and get the right answers. Compare the results and pay close attention to the answers that differ.